Healing Touch Spa & Wellness Centre

Hot Bamboo Massage

Bamboo is a light but sturdy wood that offers various therapeutic effects by dispersing tensions and liberating energies. Performed with heated and oiled bamboo sticks, bamboo massage is a deep intramuscular treatment as it allows optimizing the massage therapist proceedings.


In addition to fighting fatigue and stress, rolling and sliding movements of the bamboo, sticks of various shapes and size depends on the area the therapist is working on can create circulatory benefits on the body.

By stimulating blood circulation, bamboo massage helps to soften tissues and drain toxins, while alleviating musculoskeletal pain.


People with cardiovascular or blood circulation problems such as phlebitis or varicose veins, as well as people with kidney, hypertension or diabetes issues should consult a physician before receiving this care. Bamboo massage also is not recommended in case of fever or pregnancy.

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