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Deep tissue massage is similar to the Swedish massage therapy but the pressure is deeper and the movements are slower. The therapists may use special tools, elbows, fists knuckles etc. to get in to the tough tissues.

Benefits of Deep tissue Massage

RELIEVES PAIN: The deep tissue massage helps to break down the binding spots known as adhesions/ knots which in turn relieves the tension gathered at the knots. These type of massages are effective to neutralise severe adhesions and scar tissues. Deep tissue massage tends to realign deep layers of muscles and connective tissue, thus ultimately relieving chronic aches in contracted areas including but not limited to upper & lower back, neck, legs, hips etc.

INCREASE IN FLEXIBILITY AND RANGE OF MOTION: Chronic muscle tensions and adhesions can cause pain and block circulation, thus leading to inflammation and causing limitation of movement. With this massage, your adhesions are tore down to restore normal movement and bring relief to your muscles.

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