Healing Touch Spa & Wellness Centre

Therma Bliss Hot Shell Massage

Hot shell massage is first and foremost a relaxing treatment that offers complete relaxation to those who experience it. This treatment use self-heated Porcelain Lava Shells by using mix of minerals including dried sea kelp, Dead Sea salt, algae and essential oils. The shells are handcrafted using high quality porcelain and crushed shells. Each shell is hand painted, replicating the beautiful luster and appearance of natural Tiger Striped Clam shells. Porcelain Lava Shells have been cast from the ideal ergonomic natural shell and are uniform in size and thickness for easy heat management. Massage stones are made of crushed natural shells and porcelain powder.


The hot shell therapy can boost circulation of blood and lymph, it soothes the aches and pains, helps to reduce swelling and water retention, and moreover it will provide great relaxation of the muscles and nervous system.


Some general contraindications such as heart problems, hypotension, phlebitis, major varicose veins, open wounds or recent injuries, Hyperalgesia etc. applies to this type of massage. 

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